Shipping and return policies for Mixed Messages

Shipping Info
We'll ship cheaply, via USPS ground unless you specify otherwise. Obviously overseas customers are going to have to pay more for the same items. We will be fair in pricing.
Return Policy
No returns on digital downloads, that's just ridiculous. No returns on used stickers or other items that would not be reasonable to expect us to resell once used. If your items are damaged in shipping, please contact the courier first, and then us if you cannot work out something with them. Same with lost-in-transit items that are shipped to you. When available we will accept exchanges for different sizes within 14 days of receipt of an article of basically unworn clothing (trying it on is OK, but don't "try it on" for a day, spill stuff on it, make it smell gross or something and they decide it doesn't fit!). Just let us know what size you do need in exchange. We do not accept returns of CDs without defect, period. If you received a CD or other digital media that you believe is damaged or broken, or otherwise unplayable/unusable, within 30 days please send it back to be exchanged for a new, working copy. Any damage caused was in transit, as we quality check all shipments before they are packaged. If you have a limited release single of ours that was burned to CD and find that it is unplayable on your computer or car stereo, please try it first in a newer CD player. Burned CDs, even when burned slowly and carefully as we do, *may* not work on very old or very worn out/cheaply manufactured optical drives, but this is becoming less and less the case to the point where it is almost not worth mentioning. In the extremely unlikely circumstance you are without a player that can recognize and play one of our CDs, please send it back. We can apply the purchase toward the price of our album on a custom (as in just made for you) format such as cassette tape, DVDA(DVD audio), or a USB flash drive filled with DRM copies of our files you can load on up to 5 different devices (mp3 players, computers, etc.) Any CD that's seal has been broken is eligible for exchange for another copy except in the circumstances mentioned above. Other than that, no way. In the event we have an unforseen circumstance that results in us refunding your purchase (in an unlikely event in which it is the only reasonable form of compensation for a defective or broken item that is in that condition as to no fault of either us or the purchasee) you will be refunded in full BUT we may keep a small fee just to cover the restocking of said item. This is at our discretion and we reserve the sole right to make that decision.